Hussam Al Batsh
Managing Director - Audiologist
I am Hussam Al Batsh, Palestinian nationality, born in Qatar. Married and fathering three daughters. I am working at Al Tawasul Specialized Center for ENT and I am one of the center founders. Certified with BSc degree of audiology and speech pathology From Applied Science University, Jordan. I worked with hearing impaired and deaf students in Audio Education Complex as audiologist 13 years and Hearing assistive listening technologist more than 15 years with major international companies in this field as Oticon (Denmark) and Starkey (USA). Now I am the Managing Director and audiologist in Al Tawasul Specialized Center. I am qualified to manage the center and provide the best services in the audiology field as the hearing assessment for infants, children and adults, in addition counseling the patients and provide the advanced assistive listening technology to our patients who have hearing impairment. Serving the hearing impaired person to communicate with others naturally is my optimal desire.