Dr. Mohammad Almasalkhi
ENT Doctor
Dr. Mohammad Almasalkhi is the ENT doctor at Tawasul. He obtained his MD degree at the University of Aleppo and completed his residency in ENT head and neck surgery at the General Assembly of Damascus Hospital, the main Syrian government hospital. He served for three years as Chief Resident in the ENT surgery department followed by one year as Chief Resident of all surgery in the hospital. He left Syria in 2012 and spent three years at the Istanbul Tipi Merkezi Hospital before relocating to Qatar to join Tawasul. Dr. Mohammed is certified by the Arab Board of Health Specialization and the Syrian ministry of health. He is currently studying for certification by the European Board of Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery, which will allow him to practice as an ORL-HNS consultant. Dr. Mohammed is married and has one child. He is currently writing a medical book on the topic of "cases in ENT".